About Us

Hi my name is Chris Dyer and I have lived within the Gwendraeth valley nearly all my life after moving here with my parents in 1970 at the age of four, along with my older sister and brother. Not long after settling down I became involved with the countryside after my grandfather had shown us how to enjoy it, as he was a scout master throughout the 30's, 40's and 50's and managed to get me involved in survival. My other Grandad and my uncle Alwyn was a keen fisherman and was also a water bailiff, by the time I was 8yrs old I had got involved in ferreting and shooting and by then the seed had already been planted within, and by the time I had left school I had become very much in love with the countryside and with all its wildlife and insects.

During my school years I had worked on just about every farm in the area earning pocket money when the farmer decided to pay me, but when I left school it was decided that farming would not earn enough for me, so I had decided to go to technical college. There I trained as a welder but actually worked as a tyre fitter instead, and then found myself moving on from tyres back to welding, yet not being totally satisfied with either. In 2012 while working at TATA steels as a welder, I thought about being a pest controller, as I'd had enough experience in wildlife management such as rough shooting, wildfowling pigeon decoying and even deer stalking with my uncle and his best friend John Brain.

So it was decided, “ I'm going to become a pest control technician”. So here is where I'm at, some 40 years later with a wealth of knowledge and experience along with a desire to please those who have been unfortunate enough to have problems with pests, vermin and insects. With a fantastic understanding for our environment and conservation, I have evolved into this mature friendly professional man who seeks nothing more than customer service and with a smile, well, sometimes anyway.

As my experience in shooting and hunting goes back some 40 years in some form or another, I think you'll find my services along with my handyman experience useful as I am also able to do a little more than other pest controllers, such as the wildlife management services, which covers deer management, fox control, bird decoying, etc.