Wildlife Maintenance Services

ARI Pest Control & Wildlife Maintenance Services offer Specialist Wildlife Maintenance Services to ensure the protection of your property and live stock.


Our specialist services include:

Bird control  Birds such as Woodpigeon cause over £250 million pounds worth of damage to the agricultural industry and that's not including the feral pigeon, Jackdaws, Magpies,   Crows, Rooks  and Geese.  The combined species of birds cause well over £900 million worth of damage across the UK industries and in some case residential properties and industrial buildings.  They also carry airborne disease and large amounts of bird droppings are hazardous to public health, which can often nest in areas of your property that can cause damage by fouling.

We offer various methods in bird control such as trapping,  spiking and netting buildings against feral pigeon and gulls.  We shoot in less sensitive areas by means of decoying birds in to a paternity of strategically placed decoys which then lure the birds down which can then be shot.

All birds are removed from site and disposed of by my company registered waste carrying licence. We also survey and advise on bird prevention wherever the problem is.

Rabbit control  An over population of rabbits can cause £75 million worth damage to the agricultural industry each year.  Rabbits also burrow through your land, causing holes that can become dangerous to animals such as horses and cows, and also can destroy arable crops hedge rows and in many cases fencing that can undermine  the integrity of fencing posts.

Foxes  Foxes cause up to £4 million a year to the agricultural industry, by killing poultry and carrying disease.  Our services will keep foxes at a manageable level. We offer our customers two methods of fox control. One,  in the form of shooting by day or night, with either night vision or by lamp with moderated firearms when required to reduce noise.  Two,  we hire out live baiting traps that are required to be checked daily and if the fox is caught it will the be taken away and destroyed humanely.

Deer management  The UK deer population is on the increase across the country and causes a significant amount of damage to both agricultural and forestry industries.  It can also cause a great deal of damage to residential gardens and properties, and can be a danger on public roads to road users.  We offer our professional deer management services where the deer are humanely dispatched as long as the environment is safe to use firearms by a compitent firearms person.

All work carried out by ARI Pest Control & Wildlife Management Services is covered by full liability insurance and will ensure customer satisfaction.

If you need our services, or to find out about our other specialist services, please contact us